The cost of postage, paper and printing nowdays can soon add up. When a client contacts us for a review of their processes to see how we can help them bring everything online, we always see numerous things that are being done that can be made so much easier and will cost so much less by either developing an online solution or putting the steps in place to automate.

Online Contracts and auto responses

Every business needs contracts for their clients but do they need to be on paper? We can develop online contracts that are personalized to each of your clients with minimal work required from yourself or your staff. This process would auto-generate a unique link to your clients personalized contract where they can agree and submit back to you online.

You could then go one step further and have in place an auto response which 'welcomes' the client to your services and provides them with any important or handy information they should know.

Do your customers need to fill out a registration form or any sort of declaration before using your services? If so, we can develop online registration forms which can be as advanced as you need them to be from the ability to upload multiple files to restricting parts of the form so you are only showing the customer the areas that are relevant to them.

No matter what your requirements are, we can help and as we work with various web technologies, however your site is built or whether you use a Content Management System or not, we can work with what you have.

Portals, Intranets & Ticket Systems

A portal can allow you to do a multitude of things from allowing your customers to log into a secure online area and submit support tickets to allowing your sales team to claim their weekly expenses along with uploading all of their receipts.

For internal company use, rather than having numerous branches of your company all inadvertently using different documents we can develop you an intranet which can only be accessed within your network. All of the documents everyone has access to are then completely under your control to retain consistency across each location.

Every business is different and has different processes in place so the above are just a handful of examples of how automation and online forms can help your business. Would you like an initial consultation or review of your current processes to see how we can help you? If so, click the big red button below!

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