What's the best way to target potential customers? By sending them a colourful, informative email that will look great no matter which email client they are using or device they are viewing it on. We code and design clean, responsive emails that will attract the users attention and get you noticed. (What does responsive mean?)

We use the market's leading email marketing software which allows you to send to any mailing list of any size, monitor any bouncebacks by viewing advanced bounceback information to keep your list in a good, clean condition and also monitor any click-throughs and number of opens after sending. This helps you plan future campaigns as the results show you which links in the email have been most popular therefore you can use that information to pinpoint certain areas going forward.

I send my own emails to my mailing list so why are yours any better?

We code our dynamic emails in HTML and CSS so the design will look very similar to a standard webpage, this means your emails can contain all of your company branding. From a users point of view they are more likely going to open and pay attention to an email that looks great especially with the number of emails everyone receive's nowadays. We also add extra fallback code that ensures they look as good as they can do even in the email clients that have slight display limitations.

The monitoring aspect alone is a must have for any business, we can give you detailed reports of how many people opened your email, which links in the email were clicked and even give you a summary of the 'highest openers' so you can see who is intrigued by your email and which parts they like. This allows you to target potential customers giving them content they want to read about.

How much do you charge for your email marketing services?

Because every client's needs are different, we would need to discuss what your marketing plan is ie. whether you would want to send a one-off email out or 2 a month or even 2 a week. We would suggest sending regular email campaigns to ensure your brand is out there on a regular basis so our Support packages may be more cost effective for you.

Regardless of how you work or what your marketing plan is, we can guarantee that our prices are highly competitive.

Using the services of magnetikmedia gives you the piece of mind that you are working with a company who genuinely care about your success, we see ourselves as your partner and will do everything we can to ensure anything we do for you is created to both be visually appealing and will get results.

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