Have you ever viewed a website on your mobile and found that within 2 minutes you are hugely frustrated from having to pinch and zoom to navigate the pages? If so then you have just encountered a website that is not optimized for mobile. You know the feeling you had of 'I'm not visiting that site again, I'll go to xx as that is much easier to use on my phone'? Well if your site is not accommodating for mobile browsers then that is exactly how your visitors could feel!

Mobile-based browsing has tripled since 2011 so to ensure you don't potentially lose a huge percentage of your customers, responsive design is the way to go!

Why does my website need to be mobile friendly?

The number of people browsing sites on their mobiles or tablets has soared over recent years, so much so that to ensure you are catching the attention of every potential new customer, you should create an experience that accommodates them too.

On April 21st, Google launched a new algorithm which affected how search results display to people browsing the web on their mobiles. Utimately what this means is, google will treat sites that are responsive or 'mobile friendly' as a priority pushing them up the results.

It makes sense right? If someone is searching google on a mobile, then they are only going to want to be taken to sites that work perfectly on a mobile.

That's all very well but what exactly is responsive design?

A responsive website adapts it's content to fit any size screen so whether you are browsing on a pc, tablet or smartphone the user will be presented with a website that seems to be created specifically for their device. All the elements will be relative to the screen size so no more zooming in or having your whole site shrink to fit the width of the screen. You can see this for yourself by shrinking your browser window now, as your window gets smaller all of the elements on this page re-adjust to fit.

We specialize in responsive websites, in fact every one of our designs is now responsive by default. We believe that to create our clients a new site, we should use only the latest web technologies and responsive design is certainly one of the most important.

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