Our support packages give you the piece of mind that all of your web related work is managed by a company who are leaders in their game and from one place for one monthly amount without having the employment commitments of an in-house web team. If you think you have regular work that needs doing on your website or you would like to run regular email campaigns for example then our support packages make financial sense.

What would you do for me on a regular basis?

Every company is different so it all depends what you want or need doing however taking our current clients as an example, we can:

-Design, code and send email campaigns on a regular basis
-Be 'on call' to fix any issues that may arise on your website
-Take ongoing backups and monitor for any anomalies in service (we especially recommend this for Wordpress websites)
-Give general advice on anything web or marketing related and work with you to come up with ideas on how to improve your current online presence
-Host your website on our super fast servers

I don't even have a website yet, can you create me one and get me up and running with a support package as opposed to a one off cost?

Absolutely, we understand that the cost of a new website can be a cost that you wouldn't like to outlay all in one go so we are happy to agree a package with you that would allow you to pay a number of manageable payments over a certain period. For example, we could offer a 6 month package which covers all the work we will do whether it is a new site or also an email marketing campaign and some social media design for example. The benefit of this is you pay a much smaller amount every month for 6 months. After this period, we would love to agree on a longer package amount but that is entirely your choice.

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